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Based in Bountiful, UT., and serving the Salt Lake City Area and beyond. or 707-337-3319

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Depending on your budget, we can offer you several different ensemble options, each utilizing the same musical repertoire. All of the groups below produce the same sound of a 4 - 5 piece band.

Joe Escobar Quartet

The Joe Escobar Quartet is the core group and has been performing in the S.F. Bay Area for many years. The group is comprised of the most seasoned Bay Area players. The instrumentation is piano or guitar, bass, drums and Joe Escobar on vocals, trombone and keyboard. The group can also be enlarged to 5 pieces with the addition of a tenor sax.

Joe Escobar Trio

The Joe Escobar Trio is a lower priced option, and is basically the same as the quartet, but utilizes MIDI controlled drums, (more info), in place of the live drummer, along with live piano or guitar, and Joe Escobar on vocals, trombone and keyboard. This option also has more control of the volume of the drums.

Joe Escobar Duo

The Joe Escobar duo is the lowest priced option and takes the MIDI system one step further by utilizing MIDI controlled drums and bass,(more info), along with live piano or guitar and Joe Escobar on vocals, trombone and keyboard. Also a very good choice for low volume situations. The trio and duo virtually sound the same in a smaller package


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